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NLO IT Consultancy is an independent specialist in IT solutions, website design, website hosting, bespoke software and software/hardware for home automation control.

Started in 2007 by Nigel Owen, to provide specialist services to small business users, and specialist customers. I have been working with IT since 1983, I started out working for a privately owned automotive business and working from the ground up I progressed within the company to the highest level. Having developed the IT infrastructure within this company, with the help other colleges it grew into a multi million pound multi branch national enterprise. During my time there I worked with some very big household names.  After 14 years I left my post as Group Data Processing Manager, and with a non IT ex-college suggested we setup our own IT company.

In 1997 we setup Microplus Solutions Limited, an independent computer specialist based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. While this company was very successful during it's nine years of trading, I decided that I needed a new challenge, as the company was nearing the end of it's current lease in 2006 I took the opportunity to amicably split with my then co-director and explore a new direction and thus NLO IT Consultancy was born.

I had a number of existing customers that were taking specialist services off me, and the  previous company was not geared up to cater for an increase in this type of business.

This new venture enables me to focus on some of the aspects of the IT industry that I had left behind, namely software design, internet connected technologies, website design and hosting. While I can, and still do source and supply IT hardware solutions to existing customers I feel the challenge of internet connected solutions, website design, hardware automation control, robotics and home automation are personally more rewarding.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little background information on myself and my company...