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Sometimes the only way to get what you want is to have it made,
At times you cannot find the software application you need, it simply does not exist in the way you need it. Well that does not have to be the end of you project. Yes it is not the cheapest option to have your software specifically written for you, but depending on the requirement it does not have to be the reserve of the mega rich corporations either. 

For example you may already have a perfectly good application that does almost everything you need, except for ??, well that is for you to decide. In some cases it is possible to design applications that can run along side existing software and add value or functionality.

On the other hand you may have already decided that you know exactly how you wish to run you organisation, if only the software was available to do it, again consider that cost savings that could be made through increased efficiency obtained by running your business the way it needs to be run. Maybe you don't need three more staff at 18,000 a year, but instead a software investment that will in fact cost you a lot less.

Just take a moment to go through some of your regular business activities and think of times when an automated process would make life so much easier, either giving you back your time, Or take a task someone in your organisation does now, work out the man hours and the rate of pay that employee receives to complete that task once, multiply the two together and you have a rough cost for doing that job each time, with software one of the advantages is that once you have a program that can perform the task once there is very little cost in performing it again and again, thus the more times you perform the task the bigger the saving.

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